Menu: Hapa PDX Ramen & Whiskey


Wakame – Seaweed ocean salad $4

Pork Belly with garlic shio koji on rice ball $5

Kara-age – Shoyu-ginger marinated, fried chicken $6

Ahi Poke – Hawaiian-style, garlic ahi with sweet onion over greens $10

Salmon Poke – Cured salmon with cucumber, jalapenos, tomatoes &topped with ikura $12


G-Special Ramen
Rich pork belly broth. Topped with belly nuggets, shiitake, spicy sprouts, spinach, and *marinated egg

Shoyu Ramen
Chicken & fish broth. Topped with cha shu pork, spinach and *marinated egg

Tonkotsu Ramen
Pork bone broth. Topped with cha shu pork, menma, and *marinated egg

Veggie Miso Ramen
White miso/mushroom broth and buckwheat noodle. Topped with choice of *marinated egg or seasoned bean curd, spinach and sprouts

Vegan Ramen
Veggie ramen with seitan

Mochi Ice Cream (Ask about our flavors) $3


*Marinated egg is soft boiled. Consumption of of raw /uncooked eggs or fish inoreases the risk of food borne illnesses.

Cocktail Menu


“Hi Boru”
(high ball) Early Times and soda

Whiskey Sour
1.5 oz Rltten House Rye

Old Fashioned
Old Granddad 114 bitters

2 oz Rare Breed Wild Turkey with sweet vermouth

2 oz Ritten House Rye with Absinthe


Sake Lime
cold draft sake and lime juice

Sake Lychee
infused w fresh lychee juice

Sake Ginger
cold draft sake and ginger ale

Cold Draft Sake
Momokawo Organic

G Fifty
Junmal Ginjo Genshu sake (750ml)

Beer, Vodka & Gin

Asahi Super-dry Draft
Made in Japan

Haku Passion
Suntory Vodka with passion fruit and guava

Roku Gin Martini
dry gin martini with a twist