Menu: Hapa PDX Ramen Food Cart

After six amazing years and hundreds of thousands of bowls we will be closing Hapa Cart this week. Saturday, November 16, 2019 will be our last day. Our employees have invested so much into our cart so it is with a lot of sadness and gratitude to all our loyal customers that we make this decision. Our new restaurant Hapa Ramen and Whiskey has been extremely busy and we wish to keep all our people and increase our operating hours at the SE location so customers can enjoy our ramens for lunch and dinner. This decision was purely based on keeping a work life balance.

Come visit us one last time our check out our new spot.

Much Appreciation,

Team Hapa

Hapa PDX Ramen Food Cart
6035 NE Halsey St
Portland, OR 97213

Ramen(noodles and broth)

  • G – Special pork belly and chicken broth. topped with fatty nuggets of pork belly, egg, sprouts, spinach, shiitake
  • Miso Ramen red and white miso broth with garlic butter. topped with cha shu pork, egg, corn
  • Vegetarian Miso white miso/mushroom broth. topped with egg or tofu, spinach, shiitake, menma

Donburi (Rice Bowls)

  • Kara Age, Curry and Rice Japanese fried chicken, brown curry and rice.
  • Veggie Curry Rice choice of egg or tofu, spinach, menma, shiitake, brown curry and rice.
  • Poke Bowl Ahi tuna with sweet onion, cucumber and house made poke sauce over rice, greens or both.